For those who are on their Ascension Process

 Ascension Mentoring


Are you:

  • looking for insights or guidance on your problems or situations?

  • looking for someone who you can talk to about what you're going through?

  • willing to let go of values, way of thinking and patterns that don't serve you anymore?

  • willing to change the way you live your life?

Most events that happen during the Ascension process cannot be explained by the norms.  In your sessions, we can discuss any concerns you may have in your the Ascension process. If you are suffering from the "dark night of the soul,"  we can talk about it too.

We can work on:


  • finding and resolving any energies or patterns that no longer serve you.

  • re-evaluating your value system.

  • finding out and resetting any sub-conscious programming.

  • finding out your greater purpose and meaning of life.

  • the shadow work.


as needed.

I am not a licensed physician and cannot discuss physical symptoms with you. Please consult your physician if you need.

Understand the Essence

  1. Quantum Perspective

  2. Spiritual Perspective

  3. Psychological Perspective


I see things from three different perspectives simultaneously. In this way, I am able to have more clarity and deep understanding on the events and the situation of the client. When we understand the deeper meaning of  things, it changes our perspective. We start seeing things from a bird eye's point of view. We will be less troubled by anxieties and worries.

Shift Perspective

There are always positive meanings to events that happen in our life. Most of our suffering comes from having only a superficial view on things. To live the "essence" of life, we need to shift our perception to a higher level.

3 Steps


  • Please tell me about what's bothering you.

  • I shall ask some questions as needed.


  • I shall give insights and interpretations.

  • I shall help the client understand why he or she needs to go through this particular event or situation.


  • I shall suggest some tasks or works.

  •  Q & A.

Why Take Sessions with Akiko?



"I am very honored to say that I have had many conversations with Akiko and she is such delightful energy. We really need individuals such as her to completely ascend this planet. Not only does she see the world from an energetic perspective but she can see everything right here from the ground which makes her an extraordinary and very unique woman to work with. Anyone who gets a chance to be one on one with her will not be disappointed." 

Laura Ansell

The Happiness Coach

Before booking a session, please read the Session Guidelines page.

What Clients Are Saying

Female, Japan

Akiko explains  points  clearly and I could easily understand what I didn't see before. That was impressive. She helped me a lot in changing the way I see and perceive things. I am so grateful that I've encountered her on my journey.

Female, Japan

I found Akiko's website while seraching for information about Reiki.  After reading some blog posts with many different topics, I was astonished. Her inspirational writings changed my entire perspective. After taking the first session with her,  I felt so much lighter. I experienced what was written in blog posts in the session. And now I understand it better than before. The last one year with her was truly life changing and it almost feels like 10 years to me.


Ascension Mentoring

60 mins

JPY 10,000

Have a Question After Your Session?

You can book an 'After Session' with me. Please book your time slot by clicking the button below.

After Session 30 mins : JPY 3,000

For Repeaters

Save 5% by purchasing 3 session package. You must have taken at lease 1 session before you purchase the package. If you're interested, please ask during your session.

60 mins Session x 3 : JPY 28,500


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