• Akiko Momose

30 more years to go

I am 47 this year. It really makes me think "how I want to live the rest of my life".

I've lived the past 25 years pretty much like a "modern time slave". It's not a joke. And "the modern time slave" type of lifestyle didn't pay off.

I was on medications, chain smoking, always stressed out and depressed, constantly worried about what my bosses think about my performance.

I hit my first rock bottom in 2015. I've gone through huge transformations since, I no longer need or crave for alcohol, cigarettes, white sugar, chocolates, cafein, medication or animal meat. I don't want to distract myself from escaping from feeling my own shit inside.

I don't need distraction and want to be more "present" with myself.

I will probably have 30 more years or maybe less to go in my life. I don't want to spend my precious time as a slave to someone or something or letting something control me.

I want to "create and live" my life.

I am the "owner" of my life.

© Akiko Momose All rights reserved. Photos taken by Akiko in parks near by.

​© Akiko Momose All Rights Reserved.

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