• Akiko Momose

Living in the Great Shift 2020

So many sudden and drastic changes happened in my world in the last one month. I started smelling them soon after October started.

The first sign came in a rather 'negative' form. And that is exactly why I knew that I was in one of the major shifts in my life 'again'. According to my experience, when the major and the important shifts happen, they always start as something 'bad'.

Not really 'bad' but, at least, my mind perceives them as 'negative'.

The first and sharp change I noticed in Oct was that I started losing people 'again'.

Many people have left my life on my journey already. But for the last couple of years, it seemed to have been stable.

Soon after summer, I noticed that communication with certain people started going 'all wrong'. What I mean by this is that people who I've felt fairly comfortable communicating with suddenly stopped getting what I said.

It was frustrating. I feel so disconnected from the world when no one gets what I say. It was not a nice feeling. And I wondered why it was happening.

Subconsciously I knew that it's time for me to let those people go.

I've changed. They've changed. We are no longer vibrational match to each other.

We must move on.

But when I refused to accept it and still try to hang on to what I have, the Universe has it's own way to show me. I have a tendency to not learn my lessons till I hit rock bottom.

I hit rock bottom one day in Oct. It was horrible. I didn't know what to do and spent an entire night praying. I didn't sleep.

And the lead came in the next morning out of blue.

I knew that I had to grab it. But I was damn scared. I thought it was too 'risky'. But what the hell, sometimes in life, you just have to be courageous and trust your instinct. So, I grabbed the lead.

And it 'happened'.

All the things I thought impossible become suddenly possible in less than 1 hour. Solutions were given to all the issues I had. I started booking a hotel room and one way flight ticket in the midst of pandemic.

Everything went smoothly.

Two days later, I was sitting in a flat in a different city.

Everything changed in October.


  • moved to another prefecture

  • got a new computer

  • lost one of my YouTube accounts

  • many people left from my life

  • got a new handset and a phone number

  • made new friends

  • started a new life

  • etc

It almost feels as if I've been given a fresh start in my life. I never planned this.

When I am heading towards the right direction, things are smooth. No obstacle. That is how I know that I am on the right track.

I can't describe how I feel about this. Because it was way too astonishing. I hope I will be able to share details of my story with you one day.

I realized and learned many important things from this experience:

  • my patterns based on Karma

  • my family and blood-line Karma

  • importance of intention and focus

  • how limited my human mind is

  • the Universe is almighty and there is nothing 'impossible'

  • the Universe works like a clock

  • it's all about 'balance'

  • what and how I've been sabotaging myself

After this experience, I finally let go of all the resistance I had. The resistance to 'what I don't want to experience'.

I didn't want to live in Japan for too long. I've never felt at home in this country. That is why I didn't want to rent a flat. And I got stuck in the resistance for 5 years.

But I l decided that it's 'ok' if I have to live in Japan for a few more years. Well, maybe I should say that I was 'forced' to accept it because there was no other choice. But in the end, that what I needed to do.

I understand that we are in 'the great shift'. Everything is changing. And this is just a beginning.

For the coming years, we will experience a whole lot more changes and shifts. And it will be a rough start for many of us.

I am open to it.

We are all afraid of changes and unknowns. We all have resistance for something. We all have hang-ups.

And it's ok.

I take one step at a time. Sometimes it takes years for me to learn one thing. And it's ok.

At the same time, I constantly remind myself not to limit myself. Trust myself and this journey.

Whatever happens, I will be alright.

© Akiko Momose All rights reserved. Photos taken by Akiko in parks near by.

​© Akiko Momose All Rights Reserved.

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