Situational Healing

Quantum healing that libarates you from the patterns that repeat.

Scratches On The Time Line

How energetic patters are created.

Vinyl records had a habit of playing the same phrase repeatedly once the surface was scratched. People who tell the same story over and over are sometimes compared to 'a scratched record' .


The reason why someone unconsciously tell the same story many times is that there are a energetic scratch  (block) on their timeline.


We all have traumas and wounds from our past. And our unconscious patterns keep repeating until we consciously address and acknowledge the 'scratches' .

Energetic Blockages

Emotions that have not been felt and expressed  by us are trapped in our chakras and energy field.  And create energetic blockages when associated with an 'fixed idea' about things.


For example, if a person experienced an intolerable loss at some point in life but never felt the emotions, the suppressed energies become an energetic trauma.  It becomes a block when associated with wrong ideas such as 'I lost a loved one because of my flaw.' 


This will create an energetic pattern and this person will experiences 'significant loss of loved ones' in her later lives until the trauma is healed.

Resolve The Patterns

In a session, we identify the blocks by connecting to physical sensations.


I shall hold 'safe space' for a client so that they can work on their healing and integration. 


The entire timeline shifts when we fully feel and express what happened and re-write the 'memory of experience' to something more positive.


As a result, the reality changes.

4 Steps

Resolve. Heal. Understand. Rewrite.

Step 1

Identify The Block

  • Connect to body and identify blockages.

  • Connect to the time-line.

Step 2

Release & Heal

  • Feel and express the emotions.

  • Heal the trauma and resolve block by sending love and compassion.

Step 3


  • Examine and correct cognition as needed

  • Understand the lesson why this experience was needed.

Step 4


  • Download the energy of more positive experience.

  • Feel the positive vibration.

 Situational Healing Is For Those Who


  • keep attracting same kind of people, relationships or situations.

  • keep repeating painful relationships.

  • are trapped in dysfunctional relationships with a partner, friends, or parents.

  • have experience traumatic event.(Loss of loved ones, etc.)

  • have an area that has problems.(self-loathing, self-denial, bad health, housing issues, career problems, money issues or so on.)

Before booking a session, please read the Session Guidelines page.


Situational Healing

90 mins JPY 15,000

Have A Question After Your Session?

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After Session 30 mins : JPY 3,000

For Repeaters

Save 5% by purchasing 3 session package. You must have taken at least 1 session with Akiko before purchasing. Please ask during a session if you're interested.

90 mins Session x 3 : JPY 55,500


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