For those who just can't fit in

Spiritual Consultation

Are you the one who:


  • doesn't like socializing, prefer spending time alone?

  • always had a strong sense of self and oftentimes people think you're a rebel?

  • doesn't feel that you belong to the community or the country you were born?

  • feels that you're older than your parents?

  • walks to the beat of your own drum?

  • doesn't fit to 9:00 to 5:00 jobs?


There is nothing wrong with you. Please come to Spiritual Consultation and talk about what has been bothering you.

Spiritual Consultation is an intuitive conversation session where you can freely talk about whatever topic you choose.

Let the energy flow and the answer will come in no time.

Before booking a session, please read the Session Guidelines page.

Spiritual Consultation

60 mins intuitive conversation with Akiko

Have a Question After Your Session?

You can book an 'After Session' with me. Please book your time slot by clicking the button below.

After Session 30 mins : JPY 3,000

For Repeaters

Save 5% by purchasing 3 session package. You must have taken at least 1 session with Akiko before purchasing. Please ask during your session if you're interested.

60 mins Session x 3 : JPY 28,500

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